Practical information

Dear all,

Below you can find all practical information, everything from shipping,  returning of products to the company vision.

If you need support for an anime project in Denmark ? see the bottom

Who are we?

Here among Wonderful Merchandise we are not so many This means that we can put the prices down compared to the other providers, but it also means that we sometimes must run extra fast. If your product gets delayed due to this, we will send you a message.

Wonderful Merchandise has a collaboration with several different brands and can therefore offer a lot of different merchandise. We try constantly to expand our selection.

Among the Wonderful Merchandise we use 100% recycled bags to send our products in. You will therefore experience that they can come in different shades of black. In addition, you will find that we also recycle cardboard boxes.


All our goods are sent in cooperation with GLS. Your items will be sent in relation to the provided address. Do you want your goods sent to another place, so write a message to us.


1. Complaints due to damage in transport
If the goods are broken during transit, it is the GLS, you need to contact. We will be happy to help you through the process, then write the final check to us at

2. General return
Here you can buy a Return form.

3. Complaints due to manufacturing defects

Send an email to with the title "Complaint", so we get it resolved as soon as possible (response time up to 48 hours).

Support to the project

Unfortunately, we have single products which are not official, this, we because the product often does not exist officially, or because it is good for costumes, dress-up or children.
Therefore, we take 10% of sales from non official products and supports projects in Denmark that are anime related.

Apply for grants from the pool by sending a mail to "" Write briefly about the project, as well as what you need the money for.